Cooking With Dro: Wid Rice, Fried Oyster Mushrooms, & Raw Veggies 🍅🥑🍄🌾


Ever been hungry but you didn't want to cook? It definitely be like that sometimes, a lot actually! I came up with this delicious meal off laziness, but boy did it slap severely! Wild rice, fried oyster mushrooms, and raw vegetables is a quick, fulfilling dish perfect for lunch or dinner. 

I'm s huge fan of rice, I have to eat it with almost every meal. I used Lundberg's wild rice as a base for this dish and gathered some fresh white onions, bell peppers, and guacamole. 

My favorite part of this dish was the fried oyster mushrooms! This is a great vegan alternative for chicken especially. To make them, grab some oyster mushrooms and clean them. I usually clean my veggies with ACV and water or fruit and veggie spray cleaner.

Next, create a powder batter. I love frying my mushrooms with garbanzo bean flour with cayenne pepper, sea salt, and onion powder, Stir it all together, dip your mushrooms in the batter and get to fryin'! I prefer to cook and fry my plant based yummies in grapeseed oil.

Lastly, I sprinkled hemp seeds on top for an extra protein boost. Delicious and nutritious!

What's your favorite lazy meal to make?