Cooking With Dro: Vegan Choco Banana Pancakes 🍌🍫🥞

Being in social isolation has given me so much more time to cook in the kitchen and I'm loving it! I absolutely love breakfast and I love pancakes even more! So I decided to whip up some banana, chocolate chip pancakes, vegan style!

These pancakes will definitely hit your sweet tooth, but they're also healthy af too! Here's the break down on what I used to make these delicious flap jacks:

My Ingredient List:

-Bob's Red Mill Millet Flour (or any other flour)
-365 Brand Organic Coconut Milk
-Manitoba Hemp Seeds
-Organic Maca Root Powder (optional)
-1 banana cut in half
-Grapeseed oil
-Artisan Kettle Organic Chocolate Chips


10 Minutes

Let's Get It:

I am not the measuring type, but I would recommend starting out with 1-2 cups of flour in a bowl depending on how many pancakes you're making. To make these four pancakes for my greedy self, I used about 1.5 cups. I use millet flour because I love the consistency and it's gluten free.

Next add in about 34-1 cup of coconut milk into the flour. You can use any vegan, dairy free milk you want, coconut happens to be my fave. Next add in half the banana, a few hemp seeds, a dash of ginger, cinnamon, tablespoon of maca powder, a handful of the chocolate chips and about 2 teaspoons of grapeseed oil.

The great thing about the banana in this recipe is that it's not only tasty, but it also works as a vegan substitute for an egg!

Mix all the ingredients together creating a medium consistency, fire up your pan, coat it with grapeseed oil (my favorite oil to cook with) and get to flippin'!

Pour some maple syrup on top and you're all set for breakfast. If you want to be fancy, you can do what I did a slice up the rest of your banana and use it as a topping sprinkled with extra chocolate chips.

Stay tuned for more of my delicious recipes brought to you by my new ya dig "The Flyest Vegan"!